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Island Gourmet Trails is re-opening our guided culinary tours on July 1, 2020!


We have developed a plan to comply with COVID-19 safety regulations and to keep you and our guides safe during your culinary adventure.

  1. Our tours will run with a minimum of 2 guests and a maximum of 6 people.

  2. We will provide every guest with hand sanitizer and a mask in their welcome shopping bag. 

  3. We will make sure that the places we visit will have strict safety procedures in place. 

  4. For transportation you have a choice of:

    1. Using your own vehicle for your party (tour prices will be adjusted accordingly)

    2. We can also drive you, but everyone in the vehicle will have to wear a mask.

  5.  Restaurants: we will choose outside seating for our lunch. 

  6. We will encourage and enforce 2-metre physical distancing between guests during the tour.

  7. Washing hands: our guides will maintain safe hand washing practices and will provide you with your own hand sanitizer.


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